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1. has a Canadian registered trademark since 2005.                                                                                                                It has been copyrighted in Canada and USA since 2004.

2. always aims to be a super domain or website worldwide. "Super" means  "of high grade or quality; used as a generalized term of approval; very large or powerful; and exhibiting the characteristics of its type to an extreme or excessive degree." (Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

3. The White Syringe with Prescription (Rx) Number symbolizes euthanasia.

4. The Red Maple Leaf means

" is a true Canadian.”

The red maple leaf is a national symbol of Canada and is an element of the official Canadian flag.

5. is a worldwide service. It is represented by the Greenish Blue Globe.

6. The Rusty and Old Chains mean “euthanasia has been illegal for many, many years, until now, in most countries of the world. Euthanasia still has no freedom almost worldwide.”

7. Vade mecum is Latin for “go with me.” Pro patria is Latin for “for my country.”

8. Think Freely! means "We create our own destiny. Nobody controls us."’s

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President Corporation

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

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(All the contents below may be copyrighted. Please visit their respective web sites for the latest information.         Thank you).

2. MAID: College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC)

Professional Standards and Guidelines. (Click here).

3. MAID: BC Humanist Association

Take action to expand access to medical assistance in dying. (Click here).

4. Assisted Dying in Canada

Source: Global News (Click here).

5. Euthanasia and assisted suicide laws around the world

Source: The Guardian (Click here).

6. Legality of euthanasia

Source: Wikipedia (Click here).

7. Euthanasia 'tourists' rush to Belgium

Euthanasia 'tourists' rush to Belgium for free lethal injections with a staggering 2,023 medically killed last year. (Click here).

8. Dying With Dignity Canada

New poll: 8 in 10 Canadians support the right to advance consent for assisted dying. (Click here).

9. Euthanasia and Vatican

Pope Francis denounces euthanasia as 'sin against God.' (Click here).

10. Euthanasia and Prime Minister of Canada

About has been being published exclusively and officially by Corporation. has been a registered trademark in Canada. It has also been copyrighted in Canada and USA.

" has been only collecting information on euthanasia worldwide for many years. It has been promoting the negative and positive issues of euthanasia. It is also promoting those who are against and in favour of euthanasia. has been always neutral, fair or impartial about the very exciting issues, debates and arguments on euthanasia worldwide."

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The domain or web site address, "," is already taken or not available for us to use.

Instead, "" is the best among so many domains or website addresses worldwide! always aims to be a super domain or website worldwide. "Super" means  "of high grade or quality; used as a generalized term of approval; very large or powerful; and exhibiting the characteristics of its type to an extreme or excessive degree." (Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Go with us. Think freely!



Meet the Philosopher: FLORANTE ALUMIA


Registered Health Care Professional, British Columbia, Canada, since 2003.

President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-founder and Co-director,

Voice of Carmona Worldwide Society (Tinig ng Carmona), Canada, since 2014,

President, Co-founder and Co-owner,

Siete Boys Worldwide Group (SBW), Canada, since 2017,

Certified, Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS),

United States of America, since 1996.     

18th Placer, National Nursing Board Exam, Manila, Philippines, 1995,

BS Nursing, Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines, 1995,

Second Placer, Initial Telecast of the "Battle of the Brains,"

RPN Channel 9, Quezon City, Philippines, 1992, 

Second Honours (Salutatorian), Saint Michael's College of Laguna (High School Graduation), 1990,

Fourth Honors, Carmona Elementary School (Graduation), 1986.

Lives in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Florante's Memberships:

Mensa Canada Society, since 2005,

Florante's IQ was 130+ or "Very Superior IQ," 1996.

Conservative Party of Canada, since 2009,

Surrey Art Gallery Association (Canada), since 2011,

Humanist Canada, since 2005, 

British Columbia Humanists (Canada), since 2005,

Centre for Inquiry Canada, since 2011, 

Dying With Dignity Canada, since 2006, 

Population Institute Canada, since 2011, Corporation's Memberships and Registrations:

Surrey Board of Trade, Canada, since 2016,

Voice of Carmona Worldwide Society (Tinig ng Carmona), Surrey, BC, Canada, since 2014.

Siete Boys Worldwide Group (SBW), Surrey, BC, Canada, since 2017.

Copyright, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, since 2017,'s Registrations:

Registered Trademark, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, since 2005,

Copyright, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, since 2004,

Copyright, United States Copyright Office, since 2003, 

Think Freely!

"We create our own destiny. Nobody controls us. Be free.

Go with us. Think freely!"     -     Florante Alumia


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Florante Alumia